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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ok so I feel really dumb that I haven't thought of this before. I prefer a tube of toothpaste that "stands up" versus lays down on the counter. Having said that, not all brands offer that option. I am also a bargain shopper and have definite preferences but can be flexible to some extent especially when the savings are significant. So after a recent trip to Savemart, I returned with toothpaste that does NOT stand on end and realized (I feel so dumb here) the tops are interchangeable! I'm no rocket scientist but I had no idea I was that slow :D. So here's the tutorial:
The old almost used up "stand up" tube

The newly purchased and "stand up" challenged tube 
Wala exchange the top and you have a "stand up" tube!
Clever right?        Bahahhahaha bet this will make your day!

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