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Monday, April 30, 2012

Ok so I just feel like ranting, here goes....Dear Verizon, you need an attitude adjustment. Here's the thing, we've been with Verizon forever, since before there was a Verizon. I thought their, "upgrade" option after 2 years, to be able to buy a new phone at a "lower price" just for signing up for an additional 2 years, was decent. They've made it a joke. Now they are charging $30 per line per upgrade. How ridiculous. So much for being grateful for my continued business and new 2 year commitment. Well I found the phone I wanted at HH Gregg for only $20, it's over $100 on the Verizon website, and I decided to buy it and upgrade. In the middle of the upgrade, while the salesman was processing my change, he mentioned the new $30 fee and I told him to cancel everything. He wasn't happy but he backed it all out and while we were waiting for the process to complete, the manager came over and told me, he'd gladly take $30 off anything I'd like to buy in the store! I was tempted but I thanked him and left...empty handed. I was so furious with Verizon. How unappreciative and ungrateful. I LOVE my Dare but it's over 2 years old and the screen is terribly scratched plus I can not hear anyone who calls me anymore unless I use the speaker phone or ear buds...I needed a new phone. None the less I walked away. I called Verizon 3 times, their reps ALL told me, to complain and complain loud and often. They suggested emails. They told me the last time Verizon tried to implement a new fee (I think it was $2.00 processing fee for making a payment) they retracted it after receiving tons of complaints. So I did, I complained via phone, email and facebook. Then a few days later I returned to HH Gregg and bought the phone plus a dehumidifier, that\ we needed, with a $30 discount. I completely applaud HH Gregg, they truly appreciate me as a customer. They know how to show it too. They respect me. They won my loyalty....Verizon, not so much.

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