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Friday, February 8, 2013

THE FOLLOWING - Have you seen this show yet? It's worth a watch. I've been sucked in.

This episode started out with crazy, masked guy Edgar Allen Poeing it up on the front steps of some building. I’m immediately wondering, is this after or before he lit a pedestrian on fire? Leave it to me to wonder too soon….shortly all is made clear as the masked “follower” stuffs his fake raven in his bag and heads straight for said pedestrian, pouring gas all over him before pointing the firestarter at him. What I don’t get is, how do all of those witnesses NOT do ANYTHING? Beat him with a coat or something?
Enter Ryan, he asks new FBI lady/Agent Parker (cult expert) if she thinks this cult is limited to six people. I knew I’d heard that number before, 6 members, maybe they previewed that scene.
They go to visit Jordy….”hey Jordy, how are you?”, “how am I feeling, you shot me”, “yeah, sorry about that”. Bahahahaha. I can NOT lie, I’m appreciating Ryan’s sense of “above the law”…how he broke Joe’s hand and smacked Jordy in the hospital bed.
Interesting  flashback to 2010, showing some new “members”. Then we find out, masked man = Rick Kestor. Not going to lie, I went back and forth about his wife, Maggie, Rick’s wife that is. I just had a feeling she wasn’t on the up and up. When Jordy told Agent Parker that Emma and her had planned the part where Joey would be kept, I KNEW IT! The “cult” keeps growing! So no surprise when Rick shows up at the back door to “escape” with his loving wife. Talk about SICK, Rick practicing his knife skills on his own wife! Thank goodness Ryan took out Rick, Maggie’s in the wind though.
When I saw a knife in Emma’s hand I KNEW she was going to use it, how did Paul NOT know? So I start to think this show is becoming a little more predictable, then “fire guy”/Rick perfects his knife skills on the professor and seems to have discovered a new passion. I mean we all knew he was looking for revenge for Carrol but I wasn’t expecting the stabbing. I do appreciate the flashbacks that enlighten the viewer about the origins of the story.
LOVED when Agent Parker called Ryan, “vodka breath”…hilarious.
Now I’m on the fence about Paul. I would have sworn he was in all actuality, gay. So now I wonder is he acting with the asian girl, trying to prove something to himself or is the “jealousy” thing just being blown all out of proportion? And then him bringing back his “captive”? Is this all for the sake of making Jacob jealous? OF COURSE IT IS! I KNEW Jacob was switch hitting!
How ironic is it that Ryan and Joe originally met because of Ryan’s trying to solve the murders that Joe was committing? Nice twist writers. And that they were in fact, friends at one point.
Saw the beginning of the video they sent Joey’s mom, no way I was going to watch them kill an animal…

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