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Friday, February 8, 2013

Surprise! The first conflict is between Gina and Bob! They really get into it. Wasn’t expecting that. But  he calls her out for her attitude BUT eventually, they hug it out. The teams are all going to be represented at the final weigh in by only one member. No pressure for Jillian :D.
Why does Biingo spell his name with 2 i’s?
The weekly challenge is for only one contestant per team also. They’re matching calories to food, but the prize is a team win, letters from home. Of course, it’s NOT THAT easy, they have to traverse a balance beam, dodging swinging padded rollers and they suck at dodging! IF/WHEN they finally get to the end of the beam they grab a numbered plate and have to negotiate the beam back to the matching food. No one BUT Danni seems to be able to master this one. The biggest obstacle was the balance beam but then they had to get the right calories matched to the right food, five times. Oh and there are extra plates/calories…so it’s even harder. Danni finally takes it home but she’s also the only one to get the letters..Good on her.
Bob kills his team, they’ve slid through FIVE weigh-in’s so far. The odds are NOT in this teams favor that they’ll be able to keep this up. Jill takes Danni to an indoor parkour park, now THAT’S fun! Dolvett takes his to a boxing ring, where Laila Ali runs them through a whole work out, that looked like fun too! I enjoy the alternative workouts, just helps people to imagine/create different ways to stay in shape.
Final weigh in and only one team member’s weight will count for the whole team. The trainers will roll a die with the contestants pics on it to determine who’s weight will count. Which makes me wonder, a die is 6 sided right? Dolvetts team is 3 members so you figure 2 pics of each one. But Bob’s is 5 members and I’m not sure how they made that fair, then I see there is a BL logo on one side, problem solved :D. Joe is the “winner” from Dolvett’s team, everyone is ecstatic, he’s a good loser (meaning he loses the most weight typically). They still have to weigh in every contestant for the game, Jackson (how is he even still here?) only loses 1 pound. Francelina brings home 7! Then Joe is up, he loses 8…Jill’s team is next.  Danni is the only one left so of course she has to beat Joe, or loses more than 5 pounds. She loses 6! White team and Jill are safe for one more week. Bob’s team is next. Jeff is the one that counts for the blue team. But first, Gina loses 4, Alex loses 3 (not looking very good :\), Michael loses 8, David loses 3 and blue team is worried. Jeff has the weight of the team on his shoulders, he loses 6….Bob’s team’s first losing week L. Having said that, Michael and Jeff lose the most on the blue team. Michael can’t go home, time to vote. David goes home L, he’s been injured the whole show but clearly isn’t able to help his team as much as the rest. Understandable, in my opinion. I felt horrible for him though.
Did Allison have a pink patch of hair this week? Looked like they were trying to hide it by pulling it back, fail.

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