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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2-17-13  Revenge
Well after the set up for the inevitable sinking of the Amanda and reveal of who died, they take us back to the scene of the crime and we find the boys rolling Helen up in a rug…well that’s original! Clever, clever Vicky! She decides to “dress up” in Helen’s clothing (how fortunate that she was wearing sunglasses and a scarf on her head) and then get in the limo waiting for Helen in hopes of discovering….where the Initiative is? Who the Initiative is?  The very next scene has Vicky coming downstairs in her own home the next morning asking if the boys have disposed of the body…confused yet? The conversation, continues with Vick and Connie explaining to Daniel they are going to somehow put the blame on fauxAmanda.
After Ashley pays fauxEm’s a visit to “warn her” to keep fauxAmanda in line, fauxEm’s realizes that Amanda has her lap top and has used it to blackmail Connie.
In an unexpected turn of events, fauxEm (while looking for her lost lap top at fauxMandy’s) discovers that Nate Ryan is actually aboard the boat with the honeymooners. Clever Nolan, he highjacks Nates’ cloud and finds his cell’s last transmission was from the boat. Enter Padma, to the bar looking for Nolan, (who is looking a bit green actually) but instead finds Aidan who then in turn hands her his phone so that Nolan can tell her trust that? Not sure I do. Anyway, poor Nolan may not survive that boat ride, watch those waves fauxEm! Meanwhile back on the Amanda, fauxMandy tries to pull a fast one on Nate who has (shocker) already found her gun and emptied it before she can actually shoot him.  But she’s decided to try and “turn” him, make him feel bad for her and maybe convince him to work with her…huh? Clearly he just wants to see what she has on the lap top, that has Connie so nervous, obviously they are both just playing each other. However, Jack has overheard Mandy trying to convince Nate that she’s only on the island to get revenge and marrying Jack was just a ploy AND Jack believes it, so he’s clever enough to participate in the act by acting furious with her while sending Nate to look for the lap top. Good enough plan but Jack gets shot by a stray bullet while trying to escape and for some reason fauxMandy thinks by pushing the boat away with Jack in it and staying behind will save him…not sure but apparently it does because Nate doesn’t even try to chase him, curious.
Oh hello Aunt? Vicky (I’m a bit confused about the lineage but never the less..) when she comes looking for Charlotte to “invite her to their annual Labor Day party” (we all remember what happened at the last one, not sure I’d want to attend). The “invite” is just a ruse anyway for her to take Helen’s scarf and plant it under fauxMandy’s bed….subtle. Ok so quote of the week, “Conrad your gall never ceases to repulse me”, Vicky, Vicky, Vicky. Time for Helen’s replacement (Mr. Trask) to make his appearance and the party apparently is the perfect occasion to do so, guess who he’s looking for. Uh oh. They seem to have devised a somewhat plausible story after all, shedding all kinds of suspicion on fauxMandy and they send him on his way.
Ems and Nolan spend the better part of this episode in a boat searching for Jack and Mandy but eventually stumble upon wounded Jack in the dinghy. They haul him into their boat where Nolan is left in charge, by Ems, to get him to a hospital while she takes the motored dinghy to look for Mandy and Nate. In the meantime, Mandy has come up with a plan, she is going to sink the Amanda in order to get Nate to come into the below deck area. It works, she clonks him with something and hightails it above deck where Ems has arrived, miraculously just in time. Ems fights like a man and pretty much bests Nate but the gun they are wrestling for goes off and shoots a hole into the propane tank.  He almost  has Ems when Mandy finds the other gun and shoots Nate, he’s not dead, yet. Mandy heads back down to turn off the propane but Nate has decided to go out with a bang and holds his lighter up as if he’s going to flick it, which he does causing an explosion and both girls are thrown into the water. While Em does eventually find Mandy, Mandy is apparently mortally wounded and she makes Em promise to take care of Jack and her baby before she dies. 

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