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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/17/2013 Amazing Race
So the first leg’s winner’s will receive not only an “express pass” for themselves but a second one to give out to any team of their choice. And they’re off to……Bora Bora, via LA International but there is only room for 5 teams on the first flight.  Surprisingly, at least to me, Wynona and “what’s a mullet” (aka Chuck) seem to have arrived first! Wasn’t expecting that, but it doesn’t last.  Immediately 5 other teams arrive and the first flight is full. So the cutie’s from Youtube seem to bond with the newlyweds and right off the bat, I can see the Newlyweds, country singers and maybe the asian girls (Pam & Winnie), bowing out…but let’s see. The OBGYN’s come up with a plan between the first 5 teams, on the first flight, that whichever one of them wins the passes will just give the second one to the second place team. Clever and tactful, no hurt feelings, BUT will they stick to it?  After arriving in Bora Bora, one contestant from each team is going up in a helicopter and jumping out….whoa. NEVER going to happen in MY world but more power to ‘em.  First ones out, John and Jamil ….Um yeah gulp. They land and meet up with their partners (Jessica and John/dating couple in first) and they’re off! Father and son cancer survivors (Dave and Connor) are next, youtube girl and redneck follow. All the teams head for the beach and search through 400 sand castles looking for a clue and they must rebuild any castle they destroy! The sandcastles are basically just a sand pail of sand turned over, so it’s not that bad.
Next they show the rest of the teams arriving for their helicopter rides. Possible fatal mistake when one of the roller derby moms, Mona misses a slot to sign up for the helicopter ride and the team behind them grabs it, leaving the roller derby moms the last spot.
Back at the beach, the teams are cooking, it’s hot out there. Chuck & Wynona/Alabama/Rednecks approach some native woman looking for the clue, they then realize they need to go further to find it. Mona and Beth arrive last to the beach. Teams start finding the clues and they have to head out to the a canoe type boat, put it together and paddle their way to the pit stop.
Jessica and John (dating couple) win the first leg and the passes. They have to five the 2nd pass to a team before the 4th leg. The hockey guys are team number two, but they were on the 2nd flight and not a part of the “pass” agreement. Dave and Connor are third, and WERE on the first flight so “should” get the 2nd pass.  Pam and Winnie are team 4th, Mona and Beth are 5th   (Nice come from behind). Joey & Meghan are 6th, Chuck and Wynonna (Rednecks/Alabama/Mullet) are 7th.  Idries & Jamil (twin Obgyn’s) are 8th.  Three teams (firemen – Matt & Daniel, Max & Katie – Newlyweds, Caroline & Jennifer – country singers) are left sweating on the beach and they come to an agreement to all quit, take the penalty together…’s a 4 hour penalty, and to make it a race to the pit stop between the 3 of them. They all think they can beat the other, and they’re off to the canoes. Max & Katie come in 9th, Caroline and Jennifer take 10th and the firefighters are last (they kept falling out of the canoe) so they are eliminated, much to their dismay since they can’t believe a couple of girls beat them.

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