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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2-13-13  Survivor
Andrea? Who is Andrea? And “Franchescwa”….don’t remember her either. These are suppose to be “favorites”…how can they be favorites if we don’t remember them? I’m not a real fan of the “fan vs favs” shows but it seems like the networks have really embraced this concept. True to form, the “fan’s” start out full of bravado, bragging and threatening to “take them down”….has this EVER worked? EVER?
First competition, and the winners are taking back beans back to camp…what happened to rice? Once again, these people strip down to their skivvies to play in the water….WHERE ARE THEIR SWIMSUITS? WHY do they NEVER have them on? Brandon’s put on some weight :\. After the first two rounds, it’s tied. Phillip starts off the third round in his precious pink panties. He literally drags the fan with the float over to the pole. Francesca’s a beast! She drags ALL four of them to their pole too! Malcolm….sigh….oh yeah back to the competition, Malcolm losing his shorts and I’m paying attention :D. This is a rough one but ultimately, Malcolm reaches the pole taking it home for the favs….Malcolm, my hero.
Gota, the fans team name. (Gota = gotta win?) Oh there’s the rice! They got a machete and rice! Reynold called his canteen a canister, ok. Matt’s beard ponytail is going to make me crazy and the fans are already bickering. Mr. Cocky Marine Corp actually brings home the fire, well done. The two Beefcakes decide to align, no brainer. Eddie, beefcake one, shares that he and Hope are the only two good looking people there, thanks for letting us in on that. First night = serious cuddling/spooning/caressing, is this EVER a good idea? How clueless can you be? How does anyone think that EVERYone else doesn’t see/hear them? Reynold and Ally were the “cuddlers” and they think they are so cute and when they hang out with Eddie and Hope, they’ve determined that they are the “cool kids”. Michael wants to play both sides, we’ll see how that works.
Bikal, the fav’s team name. The favs start out early, forming cliques and strategizing. Phillip is already getting crazy, he’s got rules, then more rules and then he’s figuring out his alliance. Then he renames everyone, he’s so “stealth”…bahahahaha, NOT. He announces that he’s recruited 6 people and then he wants another one, Eric, but he broaches it to Eric full of ego and threatening him, typical Phillip, no social game. Doesn’t take long for Cochran to get sunburnt and apparently has an allergic reaction to it by his feet swelling up, they are BIG and RED!
Immunity challenge – they have to climb a tower, drop crates, grab the sandbags from the broken crates and toss them into targets, first one to score 6 wins. Fans start out losing but Reynold pulls out a win over Malcolm when throwing the sandbags and the Fav’s are going to tribal. That may be a first, fans winning so early in the game.
Bikal, seemed to be torn between voting off Phillip or Francesca. WHAT WAS the little brown thing that was jumping from tree to tree with a grasshopper in it’s mouth?
Tribal – Who’s Andrea again? Speaking of hidden immunity idols, there was ZERO talk of this. You’d think the fav’s would’ve been all over that. It was the Francesca and Andrea show..with Francesca taking it home (literally) yet again. Interesting play of votes. She clearly  has no clue how to play this game, still.  Strange how this episode was an hour and a half. I think they should embrace the latest trend of the TWO hour show. 

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