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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/11/13  Biggest Loser
I agree with Gina, WHY didn’t they send her home? I will never understand the thought process of some of these contestants. Do they not remember that this IS a competition?
Half way through the game and it’s SINGLES PLUS the food temptation challenge! Oh my. So they have 10 minutes to each as much as they can, the one who eats the most wins a 2 lb. advantage….seems like a catch 22 to me (you eat, you gain, you only need the advantage if you eat?), then they are told they also get to share the 2 lb. advantage with someone else, still….just say no. They are all in the room together but to keep them from knowing what the others are doing, the lights are turned off. Danni is brilliant! She decides instead of eating, she’ll work out! Francelina and Alex, chow down! Francelina wins after hogging down over a 1,000 calories…ew. Next question, who will she give the advantage to…..Alex earned it but will she? She does!
So they go to work out and Jill gets in Jeff’s face and she’s being Jill. But then Jill gets all shrink on him, there’s the “moment” we saw in the previews.
Dolvett is being a drill sergeant but it’s Dolvett and who doesn’t love Dolvett?
Weeks challenge has a prize of the winner getting to bring someone to the ranch for 24 hours, oh wait the winner gets to choose another contestant to bring someone too. OH cool, they glow in the dark! And they’re off, running across an arena, last one to reach the circle of light is out. They keep this up until one person is left, the lights moves up the seats to the upper levels, it moves further each time. Danni wins! She shares it with ….. Gina! Gina was last, but how sweet of Danni, then she’s not done, she gives her own visit away to Mike. Major points for this girl. Aww the reunions are heartwarming. Michaels wife brings their baby too, this was a tear jerker episode.
The weigh in, what is Allie wearing? Am I the only one that thinks this dress makes her chest look tiny? :\
Francelina has the 2 lb advantage, good thing, she only lost 4 lbs, thinking she would’ve lost more if she hadn’t blown through all those desserts. Alex is next, she starts out at 204 and is hoping to hit Onederland, and she loses 6 so she’s golden, plus she has the extra 2 lbs. that Francelina gave her. Danni starts at 207 and she pulls a 6 which does NOT guarantee her safety. But Alex is safe at this point. Joe is up, he starts with 291 and loses 12, he’s safe. Jeff starts with 323, loses 11 and he’s good to go. Gina begins with 193 and has to lose more than 5 to stay safe, she manages a 9, poor Danni isn’t looking happy (wonder if the give aways earlier in the week will help her if she needs it). Jackson, has 279 from last time and he doesn’t really lose that much weight typically, so when he pulls a 13, he’s safe and he surprises everyone else and that pushes Francelina below the line (see what happens when you make excuses to cheat?). Michael’s starting weight is 363 and he loses 10 which isn’t enough to save him. Danni’s safe and Michael and Francelina are on the block.
Danni voted for Micheal, game play? Alex votes for Francelina. Gina votes for Michael. Jeff votes Michael, Michael went home L boooo.  And boo on Jeff for going back on his word to Michael.

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