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Friday, February 8, 2013

SMASH  2-5-13  IT'S BAAAACK with a double episode.

I didn’t love the numerous flashbacks/flashforwards  playing while Karen was singing. It left me with numerous questions. Guessing that was the point…
So they had a great run in Boston and the next goal is to open on Broadway. “I hope you’re ready, it all starts now”…this weeks quote. Dear Ivy, "a woman scorned", words to remember. Her career in this show is clearly on the downhill.
I don’t think anyone would argue, Jennifer Hudson can belt one out. But I was surprised to see Karen going out with Derek “the womanizer”. I love Eileen & Jerry’s banter, so bitterly funny. The sarcasm runs deep between these two and it’s good tv. The interaction between these two past lovers keeps the laughs coming and never disappoint.
I found it out of character for the “director” to state that “Ivy and the ensemble are going to sing Smash”…I mean, why not just say “the ensemble is going to sing Smash”? Clearly, they had to point out that Ivy was included for the storyline but it didn’t seem authentic to the circumstances. I don’t like Karen’s new persona, using her connection with Derek/running to him to adversely affect someone, Ivy in this case. I mean I get that, I’d want to lash out too, but it doesn’t suit Karen’s character. I did love the duet with Karen and “Ronnie” aka Veronica aka Jennifer Hudson. Powerful. I did NOT love Karens dress, meh, Veronica’s was way more flattering and I hate when anyone thinks it’s classy to wear something that barely covers and teases to UNcover.
Wow the Sh** really hit the fan. EVERYthing seems to have fallen in the crapper at the same time. Leave it Karen to “discover” one last strand of hope. 

Part 2
Well this episode was aptly named, The Fallout. Seems like everyone is dealing with issues…tax, sexual harassment, personal…seems never ending. Karen, actress turned recruiter, but of course.
This week’s quote(s): Eileen, “Boys, there’s nothing to be gained by turning on each other”. Tom, “But it feels good”. Hahahha, good one. And then there was this one by Derek, “Oh Tom did you pack something warm for your trip to the moral high ground?”…. their constant bickering never gets old. Julia’s meltdown seems out of character to me, ok I get that her WHOLE life fell apart but not sure she is so weak that she’d let it go this long. I also, can’t see her being bff with Ivy but I suppose stranger things have happened. Oh Tom, way to “open mouth and insert foot”, promising to deliver not only Julia but to deliver a speech as well. Funny how he didn’t know this was exactly the thing to snap Julia out of her funk BUT leave it to Tom to “fall” into a solution. YES, Julia’s back, good to see.
LOVED Derek’s drunken delusion number. Also LOVED Ivy’s leather blazer she was wearing when she found the drunken stupor named Derek hanging out on her stoop. She impressed me when she avoided Derek’s lame attempt to get in her pants….again. You go Ivy, maybe you’ll change my impression of you after all. I did feel a tiny twinge of pity for her when she arrived at Derek’s with her attempt at a reconciliation only to hear him tell Karen, as she’s leaving, that her coming over was “nothing”. Seemed brutal.

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