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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/10/13 Revenge
Shouldn’t be surprised that fauxEm’s still has her “faux” pipe cleaner wedding ring from her “faux” wedding to Jack as a child. It’s always been crystal clear that she has never fallen OUT of love with him.
Daddy is planning to run for Governor, well I did NOT see that one coming. He’s also getting in bed with “Mr. Shadypants”, the scary Ryan brother, aka Nate. BUT Ashley is running interference, to keep Mr. Shadypants in his place, it would seem. Ashley sure has developed quite an ego even with mom Vicky!
I like that Decklyn and Charlotte are back together, I think.
The “Initiative” is playing Daniel like a violin. It’s amazing the control they have over him.
The phone call fauxEm’s gets while with Aiden, from Nolan, leaves you thinking that he found a “Jane Doe” that fits the description of Aiden’s sister. And they’re off, to the coroners to read the coroners report to confirm whether it’s her or not. It would appear, that it is.
Jack and Daddy dearest throw down the gauntlet’s, and war is declared. UNTIL fauxMandy rears her protective head. Let it never be said, this girl has a timid bone in her body.  Sneaking into fauxEm’s “hidden nook” and (surprise) correctly guessing the password to her computer, then finding the perfect blackmail video to use in her scheme, is such a coincidence! None the less, off she goes to daddy dearest, aka Connie, and proceeds to blackmail him into selling his half of the bar back to Jack, in spite of his plans of grandeur for the “waterfront”….best laid plans and all that. First call is to his partner in crime, Nate Ryan. Then he follows through, signing over his share of the bar to Jack…now you KNOW this isn’t the end of that. Off to meet with the “scary” Ryan who, true to character, offers to “remove the leverage”…clearly Conrad, knows exactly how to play Mr. Ryan. Seems like the writing is on the wall for the new Mr. & Mrs…..they certainly want us to believe that anyway.
Enter Padma. Or should I say, RE enter (this girl is coming and going like a see saw). Nolan, who was expressly warned to NOT let her know he was on to her, let’s her know that he’s on to her. She accuses him of spying on her. Quote of the week, “Hey, careful who you’re calling black, little kettle”, said the Nolan to the “little kettle”. Little Kettle, aka Padma, clearly knows Nolan’s office is bugged and leaves no doubt in his mind of that fact either when she writes “not here” and shows it to him. Still don’t trust her, but Nolan wants to.
Mama Vicky, takes the necessary paperwork to Daniel, who’s office, of course, is being monitored by the Initiative….Maybe that’s exactly why Vicky went there, to flush out Helen? Well if that was her intent, it worked. Helen made a fatal mistake turning her back on mama bear Vicky. Oh dear, now what?
The wedding….fauxEm’s dream come true minus herself. L How shocking that she gave fauxAmanda the pipe cleaner ring! Oh Nolan, ever the fashion statement!
As they newlyweds drift off into the distance, we see Mr. Shadypants is on the boat and it’s clear, he’s up to no good.

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